Spinners and Wall Racks

Kardorama Ltd., can supply Spinner(s) and/or Wall Racks free of charge, provided you order sufficient cards from Kardorama Limited to fill them.

Most ranges of postcards come in multiples of 50 of each style, so that is the quantity you would place in each pocket. In the case of the smallest cards or London Views, these come in multiples of 100 of each style.

We would expect you to continue to fill these Spinner(s) and/or Wall Racks with Kardorama postcards when subsequent orders are taken. We reserve the right to take them back in the event of you putting other companies cards in them.

Below are some photographs so that you can get an idea of their size.

SpinnersWallRacks_1 SpinnersWallRacks_2 SpinnersWallRacks_3 

SpinnersWallRacks_4 SpinnersWallRacks_5

Kardorama Wholesale London Postcards

We are constantly renewing our image archive and are always in need of new vibrant images of London. If you are a photographer, amateur or professional and would be interested in selling Kardorama the UK postcard rights we would love to hear from you.

Tel: 01707 271710

E-mail: enquiries@kardorama.co.uk

Kardorama Ltd.
PO Box 85
Potters Bar

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